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Why You Should Be Concerned

Verizon has disconnected numerous landline customers in Brooklyn Heights, New York, without warning. This is not temporary, Verizon has PERMANENTLY disconnected these landlines, again, without warning! Verizon is forcing people over to wireless service, mobile service, or fiber service.

This is an unprecedented change in Verizon’s tactics. They are no longer waiting until fiber is installed to rip out copper. They are now ripping out copper before fiber is even in place!

If you haven't read the article linked above, read it before continuing. It does a really good job documenting the horror and abuse that has been coming to the landline world on the east coast in recent months.

Verizon, and other phone companies, now have official plans to discontinue landline service as soon as November 30th this year. It is crucial that everyone takes action immediately!

What We Need Everyone To Do

Verizon has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to retire copper in areas of New England, New York and Pennsylvania as it continues moving customers to fiber-based technology. The carrier said it plans to retire copper facilities and replace them with fiber facilities to provide services over its fiber-to-the-home network infrastructure. It plans to do this on or after Nov. 30. The changes will take place in legacy ILEC markets such as Riverside, Rhode Island; several areas in Massachusetts; numerous locations in New York City; and several parts of Pennsylvania, such as Carnagie and Middletown… After the retirement, Verizon will no longer offer services via copper facilities and cease maintaining them… If no objections are filed, a notice of copper retirement usually will be deemed final on the 90th day after the release of the Commission’s public notice of the filing; however, if a retirement doesn’t involve any customers, those will be deemed final on the 15th day after the release of the public notice. — Channel Partners, Sept. 1, 2018

Please file comments for ALL of the below FCC dockets!

Verizon: 18-252, 18-259, 18-257, 18-260, 18-252, 18-207
CenturyLink: 18-245, 18-246, 18-233
AT&T: 18-267, 18-220, 18-219
Other: 18-253, 18-192, 18-277, 18-286, 18-291, 18-287, 18-289, 18-290, 18-288, 18-297, 18-296, 18-303, 18-304

Notice how many of the docket numbers are right by each other! I found these on the Wireline Competition Headlines page under News & Events, by searching for “WCB Copper Retirement” There is a coordinated move in industry to quickly expedite the elimination of copper on the East Coast! We MUST act now!

Notices of copper retirement get posted to this FCC news page with the keywords "WCB Copper Retirement". Consider watching this page as that way we can stay on top of any new notices of retirement.

Other Things You Can Do

  1. Contact Verizon (Verizon, not Verizon Wireless) – call 1-800-VERIZON to speak with an agent. Let them know this is NOT okay!
  2. File a complaint with the New York Public Service Commission. 1-800-342-3377 for voice, (518) 472-8502 for fax
  3. File an electronic complaint with the New York PSC. Make sure you select Verizon (lec).
  4. File an electronic complaint with the FCC.
  5. Tell the FCC your landline story. This is not the same thing as filing a complaint. This is used internally within the FCC.
  6. Write to your local newspaper, condemning Verizon’s antics and exposing their agenda. It is only going to get worse!
  7. If you are on social media, it doesn't hurt to post about this issue so this bad press coverage appears in their feed. People need to know what's going on.